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Sustainable Farming

We respect the soil knowing that the vineyard is the foundation of our legacy. We pursue a sensitive, low-input cultivation policy that is reliant upon compost and natural amendments rather than chemical fertilizers. Every farming practice is tempered by the specific requirements of Blue Rock's varied microclimates and the knowledge that comes from a historical relationship with every vine. We do not make wine, we raise it.

We employ the same small crew year after year in order to build a relationship with each vine. We all know that our future depends on creating finer wines with every passing vintage. Achieving increasingly higher quality is our only goal.

We changed from a chemically dependent monoculture of grapes and only grapes to a holistic, diversified Estate that is now home to wildlife, gardens, goats, and olives. The garden is a sanctuary for good insects that go out into the surrounding vineyard and eat the bad bugs reducing our dependency on chemical sprays as a result.  We farm this way because we are convinced that the vineyard will both be more expressive of its terroir (soil, climate, aspect) and produce better tasting wines.