A Gold Medal Thanksgiving at Blue Rock Vineyard

What's Happening at Blue Rock

The fall season on display in our Old Vine Cabernet Vineyard

A Gold Medal Thanksgiving at Blue Rock Vineyard

November in the Alexander Valley sees activity in the vineyards winding down, the fall colors popping up all around us, and the temperatures beginning their annual migration south. 2015 has been a year of wonderful growth for our winery and our team here at Blue Rock Vineyard. Now it is the season to give thanks. After another very successful harvest we were thrilled to learn that we won a double gold medal for our 2012 Best Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon at the 2015 American Wine Society Commercial Wine Competition.

The American Wine Society, founded in 1967, is the largest consumer-based wine organization in the U.S. The American Wine Society competition for commercial wine has been held annually since the 1986. Judges are selected from a broad spectrum of wine industry professionals, including marketers, writers and wine makers.  All wines are judged blind and by panel consensus.


2012 “Best Barrels” Cabernet Sauvignon – DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL – Our 2012 Best Barrels Cabernet from 100% estate Old Vine Cabernet is one of the most complex and delicious wines we have produced. We are thrilled that the judges at this prestigious competition share our opinion of this remarkable wine, and awarded it with its highest designation. With the colder months, bigger meals, and holiday festivities upon us, there is no better time to uncork a bottle of this award winning beauty and take it for a test drive. We are proud to make wines in the Alexander Valley, and we are seeing that the critics, collectors, and consumers are catching on to our little secret: great wine is being made here, and we now have the scores and accolades to prove it. You might ask, what don’t we have that other Double Gold Cabs from California do? A three digit price 🙂 You can order our award winning (and scarce) 2012 Best Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon right here for only $70 a bottle. Order 12 bottles and get a 10% discount. This is easily one of the best deals for wine of this caliber in America.


What's Happening at Blue Rock

Kenny and Winery Guests on the Catwalk

We are also thankful for our new crushpad which saw its first use in 2015. While the quality of our harvest and the ease at monitoring our fermentation improved drastically with the installation of our new facility, an ancillary benefit is a new and amazing view across our beautiful vineyard. This only adds to the experience of visiting Blue Rock. And in 2016 our new tasting room will become reality. We are reimagining our 19th century historic winery on the property, and it will become one of the most beautiful places in Northern California to enjoy a bottle of our wine, particularly with friends.

With so much to be grateful for in 2015, we wanted to share one of the dishes we are preparing this Thanksgiving. We like to mix things up around here from time to time, and Thanksgiving in Northern California is a great time for tuna and other cool water seafood. Renowned chef and food designer Deborah Fabricant created this gorgeous tuna appetizer for us to pair with our wildly successful 2014 Baby Blue Blanc. This dish is the perfect way to set the appetite for a typical holiday feast. The flavor of the sea, a hint of spice, and the umami from the sesame tuilles have made this one of our most successful winery dinner dishes. We have been asked to share this for awhile but felt the need to keep the secret till just the perfect time (now!). We encourage you to start a new Thanksgiving tradition with this dish and with Blue Rock Vineyard Wines.

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Thank you for making 2015 a Gold Medal Thanksgiving at Blue Rock Vineyard! If you would like to schedule a visit and tasting, contact us here










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