Blue Rock Harvest 2015 – Coming Soon!

What's Happening at Blue Rock

Our Old Vine Cab Grapes Are Gorgeous

Blue Rock harvest 2015 is coming soon, and we are more prepared than ever to convert this amazing fruit into the best wines we can make. At Blue Rock Vineyard, we take quality to a level very few producers are willing to do. We spare little expense in doing the work in our vineyards that elevate our wines to collectible status. One of the principal costs to us is the material wrap we stream across our entire estate. You can see the extent of this wrap in the photo above. Our vines are left open to the gentle rising sun in the east. This helps to eliminate dew, and to get our grapes photosynthesizing each morning during the growing season. As the grapes begin to mature, and before veraison (the point at which red wine grapes go from green to dark blue and purple), we painstakingly install this vineyard wrap. The ambient temperature in the afternoon hours is mitigated by up to 15 degrees, and the harsh western sun is kept at bay because we employ this radiant barrier. It takes many man hours and considerable costs to Blue Rock to do this, but we believe it is essential to get the sugars at the level we prefer all while allowing the grapes to reach their full physiological ripeness.

What's Happening at Blue Rock

The New Blue Rock Vineyard Crush Pad

The New Crush Pad

Another improvement for Blue Rock Vineyard is our brand spanking new crush pad. These beautiful new stainless steel tanks will allow us to make wine from all of our estate fruit right on the property. Being able to do this means that our grapes will only spend minimal time between being harvested and being pressed. This will insure that our exceptional fruit will meet with the estate’s own native yeasts, and we will be able to control the fermentation process along every step of the way. Only top-tier wineries take these kinds of expensive steps to make great wine. And while our wines have been winning praise from clients and critics for years, we know that our efforts to constantly improve will continue to make Blue Rock Vineyard a leader in quality.

What's Happening at Blue Rock

The Cabernet Franc is in pristine shape

Best Barrels

Our best barrels program is truly a rarety in the Alexander Valley. We carefully select the most expressive barrels of wine from our temperature controlled aging facility. These wines exude characteristics and phenolics that could only come from The Alexander Valley, and over the past 28 growing seasons we have determined are indicative of the flavor profiles of Blue Rock Vineyard. This is what it’s all about for us. These singular wines are the best we produce, and year after year our clients have told us how much these wines have meant to their special occasions and family gatherings.

What's Happening at Blue Rock

This Syrah is looking ready for Best Barrels


The simplest way to gain access to the exclusive Best Barrels program is by becoming a Blue Rock Ambassador. Our highest level of membership into our direct to consumer wine program, being a Blue Rock Ambassador is a way to experience Blue Rock and our wines like no other. For our Ambassadors we provide access to our library wine offerings, and our large format bottlings. This program is intended to meet client preferences and add to their existing cellars of age-worthy wines. In addition to our exclusive wine offerings, members will have access to other programs and events around the country.

We are so thrilled to begin the 2015 Harvest, and we would love to share the fruits of our labor with you directly. Click the Ambassador link above and join this exclusive club, and gain an insider’s view into one of the world’s best wine locations, The Alexander Valley, and Blue Rock Vineyard.

If you would like to see Blue Rock for yourself feel free to CONTACT us here and let us know when you would like to visit.

Off to the Crush!

The Blue Rock Team


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