A Gold Medal Thanksgiving at Blue Rock Vineyard

A Gold Medal Thanksgiving at Blue Rock Vineyard November in the Alexander Valley sees activity in the vineyards winding down, the fall colors popping up all around us, and the temperatures beginning their annual migration south. 2015 has been a year of wonderful growth for our winery and our team here at Blue Rock Vineyard. Now it is the season to give thanks. After another very successful harvest we were thrilled to learn that we won a double gold medal for our 2012 Best Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon at the 2015 American Wine Society Commercial Wine Competition. The American Wine Society, founded in 1967, is the largest consumer-based wine organization in the U.S. The American Wine Society competition for commercial wine has been held annually since the 1986. Judges are selected from a broad spectrum of wine industry professionals, including marketers, writers and wine makers.  All wines are judged blind and by panel consensus.

Images from Blue Rock Harvest 2015

  Images from Blue Rock Harvest 2015 offers our readers and Ambassador members a view into the world of a winery harvest, and insight into the results of this year’s crush from our owner Kenny Kahn. We are also sharing some of the backstory on these fantastic harvest images taken by guest photographer Loren Root. Loren, a veteran of 16+ years in the wine industry, is a terrific artist whose eye for the rigors of harvest is apparent in these compelling photographs. This photo essay is a testament to the men and women who do very difficult labor, under fast-paced and challenging conditions, in order to deliver our exceptional fruit to the winemaking team. Neither Blue Rock nor any other winery in California could make the wines we make without the contributions of these workers, and for that, we offer our sincere thanks for a job well done.

Blue Rock 2015 Harvest Report

We are knee deep into Harvest 2015 at Blue Rock, and we are grateful as always for the beautiful estate fruit that makes the backbone of our wines. The size of our crop is lower by 40% compared to an average year but the berries are tiny which portends a concentrated and high quality crop. The heat wave around Labor Day pushed the brix to 25+ which forced us to pick some of the earliest on record.   *Videographer: Oscar Beckmann   At our Alexander Valley Estate blue Rock Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are at a record low for cluster weight and what we have picked thus far is 40 percent below normal crop yields. We have harvested about 75 percent of our grapes so far and the reds we have crushed to date are beautiful with deep colors and wonderful aromas. The berries are small but delicious. The early reds, Merlot, Petit Verdot Read More …

Blue Rock Harvest 2015 – Coming Soon!

Blue Rock harvest 2015 is coming soon, and we are more prepared than ever to convert this amazing fruit into the best wines we can make. At Blue Rock Vineyard, we take quality to a level very few producers are willing to do. We spare little expense in doing the work in our vineyards that elevate our wines to collectible status. One of the principal costs to us is the material wrap we stream across our entire estate. You can see the extent of this wrap in the photo above. Our vines are left open to the gentle rising sun in the east. This helps to eliminate dew, and to get our grapes photosynthesizing each morning during the growing season. As the grapes begin to mature, and before veraison (the point at which red wine grapes go from green to dark blue and purple), we painstakingly install this vineyard wrap. The ambient temperature in the Read More …

What’s Happening at Blue Rock Vineyard

Welcome to What’s Happening at Blue Rock Vineyard! As a mailing list member of the Blue Rock family of wines, we are pleased to share this new, and regular update to the world of Blue Rock. Our founder, Kenny Kahn, is known for hospitality and enjoying great wine with intrepid explorers who have made their way to the vineyard. Now, we are bringing this experience directly to you. We believe that sharing a bottle of wine, at the source of its production, is one of life’s great pleasures. There is something wondrous about being in the place where a wine came to life. One comes home from a winery experience with an understanding of the effort, the care which is given to the earth, and the conviviality in sharing these wines with others. In our bi-monthly posts we will highlight the things that make wine drinking and Blue Rock such an integral part of a Read More …