What’s Happening at Blue Rock Vineyard

Welcome to What’s Happening at Blue Rock Vineyard! As a mailing list member of the Blue Rock family of wines, we are pleased to share this new, and regular update to the world of Blue Rock. Our founder, Kenny Kahn, is known for hospitality, and enjoying great wine with intrepid explorers who have made their way to the vineyard.

Now, we are bringing this experience directly to you. We believe that sharing a bottle of wine, at the source of its production, is one of life’s great pleasures. There is something wondrous about being in the place where a wine came to life. One comes home from a winery experience with an understanding of the effort, the care which is given to the earth, and the conviviality in sharing these wines with others. In our bi-monthly posts we will highlight the things that make wine drinking and Blue Rock such an integral part of a joyous life.

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