What’s Happening at Blue Rock Vineyard

What's Happening at Blue Rock

The Historic Blue Rock Winery at Sunrise

Welcome to What’s Happening at Blue Rock Vineyard! As a mailing list member of the Blue Rock family of wines, we are pleased to share this new, and regular update to the world of Blue Rock. Our founder, Kenny Kahn, is known for hospitality and enjoying great wine with intrepid explorers who have made their way to the vineyard.

Now, we are bringing this experience directly to you. We believe that sharing a bottle of wine, at the source of its production, is one of life’s great pleasures. There is something wondrous about being in the place where a wine came to life. One comes home from a winery experience with an understanding of the effort, the care which is given to the earth, and the conviviality in sharing these wines with others. In our bi-monthly posts we will highlight the things that make wine drinking and Blue Rock such an integral part of a joyous life.

What’s Happening at Blue Rock is going to tell the story of our winery year. We will share new releases of wine, how and why we blend our wines the way we do, and of course, insider access to the amazing people that dedicate their lives to bringing these wines to you. Our tasting room and expanded hospitality program will come to life in 2015, and readers here will get the first glimpses of our construction plan, and insight into being one of our inaugural visitors to one of the most innovative tasting experiences in the California Wine Country.

We want to meet you face to face. In fact, we are going to openly ask you to share your Blue Rock stories with us. We want to know where you have tried our wines, and if you have had milestones or life moments where a bottle or two of Blue Rock was present. From our Baby Blue Blend to our Best Barrels, we are so thrilled to hear when one of our wines makes it into a great story.

What's Happening at Blue Rock

A view into Blue Rock’s Old Vine Cabernet Vineyard

We have partnered with wine writer and photographer, Michael Housewright, to share his impressions while visiting Blue Rock every month for a year. Michael has nearly 2 decades of wine industry experience, most of it sharing wine with customers in great retail shops and restaurants. We believe his perspective will come from the observations of a passionate wine drinker, much like our clients from around the globe.


What's Happening at Blue Rock

Kenny and Laika – The Vineyard Boxer

Our Ambassador program is one of the fastest growing wine services in the industry. We offer incentives, unique wines, generous discounts, and exclusive events for the Blue Rock Ambassador. We know there many wines to choose from across the country. As an ambassador you carry the flag of our vineyard with you and we thank you. In return, we will always offer you exceptional hospitality and first access to our most highly allocated products and experiences.

We encourage your feedback, by commenting here, or on our Facebook Page. Tell us what you would like to see, what you would like to know, and how we may make this page, and Blue Rock Vineyard, to serve you better. Stay tuned for our next post on an exciting new wine in our portfolio, and welcome to What’s Happening at Blue Rock!






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